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  • ALE Water Bottles from Italy

    Posted by WayneBingham on May 28th, 2010

    We have some samples of ALE vintage style water bottles made in Italy by Allara.  These bottles are essentially the same as the bottles Allara has been making for many years.  We think it would be really cool to have an option to most of the water bottles currently available.  These bottles are available in three sizes, including the 550cc bottles that are so classic looking, and that almost nobody makes anymore.  The bottles are available in white, black, red blue and yellow.  There are also three types of caps available, a separate little tethered spout cap (the most classic looking), more common snap plunger type or full snap-over cover.  All of these attach with the ring around the throat of the bottle, so they are actually changeable and/or replaceable .  There is a fairly high minimum quantity for ordering these, so we have not yet decided to commit, but we are certainly thinking about it.

    Below are some pix of the two smaller sized bottles  There is a larger 850cc bottle available too.  There are also pix of the three types of caps, and a group of caps showing the colors.  We have no idea why we got a green sample bottle when that color is no listed as one of the available colors.

    Stay tuned!  We might just decide to pull the trigger on getting these because we really like them.

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